George Galloway: 'If the Tories lose their majority over expenses scandal, what happens to Brexit?'

George Galloway opening monologue: 'If the Tories lose their majority, what happens to Brexit?'

George Galloway has questioned what should happen to Brexit if the Tories should lose their majority in the Commons

Monday, March 20, 2017

George Galloway has questioned what will happen to Brexit if the government loses its majority in the House of Commons. 

The Government has had a raft of problems in recent days, with Chancellor Philip Hammond forced into an excruciating u-turn on National Insurance contributions and the Electoral Commission laying a heavy fine on the party over its election expenses

Furthermore, a number of police forces have turned in reports to the director of public prosecutions related to the expenses allegations. 

Our host, in his opening monologue, has raised a key question of what will happen should these reports lead to charges.

He said: "If the charges are proven, will these MPs have to vacate their seats in the houses of Parliament?

"If they do, the Tories no longer have majority – this will change everything in Britain until the by-elections are held.

"And if they do not manage to hold the seats, well, there’ll be the possibility of a new coalition or new government.

"If that happens, what happens to Article 50? What happens to Brexit?

"2017 will be a very interesting year."