George Galloway: 'I'm getting fed up with Jeremy Corbyn and his handling of Brexit'

George Galloway: 'I'm still a defender of Jeremy Corbyn, but I'm getting fed up'

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader

Thursday, January 19, 2017

George Galloway has admitted he's getting "fed up" of defending Jeremy Corbyn. 

Our presenter made the comments during a chat with caller Michael, who was lambasting the Labour leader for his performance on BBC Newsnight, where his stance on freedom of movement was systematically dismantled by political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

George said: "Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC are in full Jihad mode against the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn. 

"Jeremy Corbyn should be much better at handling these people than he is, but even if he'd been terrific, you can be sure Laura would have dusted herself down and continued the jihad the next day.

"When the history of this people comes to be written, Jeremy Corbyn's failure to remain principled on the issue of the European Union, and at the very least, after the people had voted for Brexit, his failure to pick it up and run with it and reap the political rewards, may come to be seen as his final failure. 

"I still am a defender of Jeremy Corbyn - but I'm getting fed up. I'm getting frustrated by a number of things, and one of them is he needs to be much better, a level of energy and vibrancy in taking his case to the people and I'm just not feeling it."