George Galloway: I'm ready to return to the Labour party and fight the SNP

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

George Galloway has said he is ready to return to front-line politics and fight for Labour against the SNP in Scotland.

Speaking to a caller on his talkRADIO show, Galloway said "I will stand again for Parliament in a suitable by-election, one in which I have a fighting chance of winning."

Galloway, who earlier rubbished the SNP's claims about Brexit, said he'd particularly like to return to the Labour party in Scotland, suggesting he is the man to arrest the SNP's dominance north of the border. 

"They could do with me in Scotland more than they could do with anybody," Galloway said. "They are completely bereft."

Galloway won the Bradford West seat in a by-election in 2012 but lost it in the General Election three years later, standing as a member of the Respect Party.

He was expelled from Labour under Tony Blair, but told his talkRADIO listeners the decision was "unjust" and demanded it be rescinded by Jeremy Corbyn.