George Galloway: 'Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest election campaigner Labour has ever had'

George Galloway: 'Jeremy Corbyn turned out to be the greatest campaign Labour has ever had in a general election'

The presenter spoke to Paul Ross about how the Labour leader did in the election

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

George Galloway has called Jeremy Corbyn "the greatest campaigner Labour has ever had" for a general election campaign. 

The results of the election last week saw Labour gain 30 seats in the House of Commons, winning 262 seats in total.

Contrary to what was expected by some to be a Labour collapse, Labour gained considerable ground and helped wipe out Theresa May's majority;

Galloway, who returns to host The Mother of All Talk Shows on talkRADIO this Friday from 7 to 10pm, said the Labour leader had been the greatest campaigner the party could ever have asked for and managed to thrive despite Theresa May's attempt to "distort the national conversation."

Speaking to Paul Ross, Galloway said "not many people really regard it is a defeat. If you start off 25 points behind and you end up in the position Jeremy Corbyn is in now, almost on the steps of Downing Street... nobody regards Theresa May as the winner of that election.

"Labour rediscovered its soul, purpose, it's reason for being as a radical, crusading party, a real Labour party, and look how the people responded to it.

"It [the election result] was the biggest Labour vote since 1945, and this in a party led by a man who everyone was told - day and hour for almost two years - was an unelectable turkey.

"We were told he couldn't hit a barn door. If he didn’t fall down and wet his pants when he went to the despatch box, we’d be lucky.

"He turned out to be the greatest campaigner Labour has ever had leading a general election campaign."

Turning to the prospect of a deal between the Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party, Galloway said "if you're giving to one area of the United Kingdom, you're not giving to others, and that'll soon cause resentment.

"It won't be long before these DUP, rather extreme, loyalists have the power of us that they now appear to have.

"It's not stable for anything more than months, certainly not years, because the DUP themselves and their own electorate will be saying 'hey, we'll be getting booted out of the United Kingdom if you keep propping up this Tory government."

The summer months, Galloway said, are ugly in Northern Ireland "unless you're a Protestant supremacist who likes to strut your stuff in an orange sash. There'll be a lot of trouble this marching season I would have thought.

"It's not a good look for the British people to be governed by people who wear bowler hats and orange sashes."

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