George Galloway: Jeremy Corbyn made 'historic mistake' by not granting free vote on Article 50

George Galloway: 'Jeremy Corbyn made historic mistake by not declaring a free EU referendum vote'

George Galloway has called out a 'slow-motion coup' against the Labour Leader

Monday, January 30, 2017

George Galloway has said that Jeremy Corbyn made a "historic mistake" by not declaring the EU referendum a free vote for Labour members. 

This comes as the Labour leader attempts to quell a growing rebellion on the front bench and backbenchers over the impending Article 50 vote. 

Corbyn has installed a three-line whip for MPs to vote in favour of triggering negotiations with the European Union, but he faces a growing revolt over the issue.

While taking a call from a woman called Yvonne, our presenter has called this the begining of a very serious threat to the Labour leader, and revealed what he believed Corbyn should have done.

He said: "This has been a slow-motion coup from the day Jeremy Corbyn from the day and hour he was elected.

"More fool him for giving some of these characters jobs to coordinate their hourly resignations to damage him and his party more.

"I believe Jeremy Corbyn made a historic mistake by not declaring the EU referendum was a free vote where Labour members could vote and campaign any way they liked.

"That would have allowed him to campaign for Brexit, and if he had, he'd be cop of the walk, top of the hill. 

"He could have been the leading figure in the Brexit campaign and Labour would have been scooping up the electoral dividend of that."