George Galloway: Jeremy Corbyn must save us from 'British Donald Trump'

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

George Galloway has said Jeremy Corbyn needs to step in to ensure a 'British Donald Trump' doesn't seize power.

Our presenter was moved to discuss the dangers of a British version of Trump on his show after reading a text from Lee, a listener in Manchester. Lee said he was worried about how the far-right has managed to appropriate the anti-establishment position owned by the left for years - a view George fully agreed with.

Our presenter went on to talk about the example of France, where scores of former Communist voters are now voting Front National, and said "we've got a rust-belt too [in Britain]. Somebody's got to speak for the people there."

George thinks Mr Corbyn, the Labour leader and veteran socialist, is the only man for the job.

Listen to his typically passionate views here.