George Galloway: Jeremy Corbyn must stop sitting there like Buddha and punish rebels

Labour rebels: 'Jeremy Corbyn needs to elect a new NEC but he's running out of time', says George Galloway

George Galloway believes Jeremy Corbyn should elect a new NEC

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

George Galloway believes that Jeremy Corbyn needs to speak out against the Blairite faction that opposes him in the Labour party in order for it to move forward.

A total of 47 Labour MPs went against Corbyn's three-line whip in the first Article 50 vote, and although the Labour leader has imposed a new three-line whip for the bill's final vote in the Commons, there may well be another rebellion.

Galloway, who spent years in the Labour party before being banished under Tony Blair, says Corbyn must get the party behind him - but he hasn't yet showed the capacity to do so.

The talkRADIO presenter said: "Jeremy Corbyn hasn't shown me that he has a plan, let alone the ability to implement that plan, to change the MPs.

"[If I were leader] I wouldn't sit there like Buddha allowing all these bad things to happen without telling anyone that they're doing it and without helping people who are the victims of it."

Galloway said the change must come at the very top - with a reshuffle of Labour's National Executive Committee. 

“If I were in his position and wanted to do things that the Blairite majority on the National Executive of the party stopped me from doing, I would tell everybody," Galloway said.

"I would call a big rally and I’d say 'I want to do this, that and the next thing but the Blairites in control of the NEC will not allow me to do so, and therefore I’m calling a special conference of the Labour party to elect a new National Executive.' Why not proactively seek to change the national executive with a landslide, with a bit of political movement.

However he added: “I think we’re running out of time because I think that Theresa May will call a general election towards the end if not at the end of this two year [Brexit] process."

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