George Galloway: Jeremy Corbyn should force the deselection of miserable, rancid Labour traitors

Galloway believes Labour rebels are nothing more than cowards

George Galloway spoke in typically forthright fashion about Jeremy Corbyn, Anis Amri and Donald Trump on his show last night

Saturday, December 24, 2016

George Galloway tore into the "miserable, rancid cowards" who refuse to endorse Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader on his talkRADIO show, saying these Labour MPs should be thrown out of the party.

Galloway was speaking after reports that a number of Labour MPs are isolating themselves from their leader as part of a plan to retain their seats in a "lifeboat strategy".

Our presenter told the rebel MPs: "I know a way you can isolate yourself from Jeremy Corbyn completely. I know a way you can make your own lifeboat. You can resign as Labour candidates and stand in your constituency as John or Jane Doe as an independent, on your own merits. 

"You are miserable, rancid cowards who care nothing about any cause more than the cause of keeping yourself in Parliament. If I was Jeremy Corbyn, I'd be collecting the names of those who intend to isolate themselves and I'd be conveying that information to their constituency Labour party. I'd ask the constituency Labour party to consider, in the absence of a principled resignation of course... maybe you ought to pick another candidate, one who doesn't want to isolate himself or herself from the Labour leader."

Turning to events in mainland Europe, Galloway also ridiculed the police investigation into Anis Amri, the man suspected of perpetrating the Berlin truck attack who was killed yesterday.

Galloway said the investigation which had resulted in the wrongful arrest of a Pakistani man and allowed Amri to slip undetected from Germany to Italy had been a "total failure of intelligence, of policing and of politics". He was particularly scornful of German investigators for detaining the innocent Pakistani asylum seeker, simply because he had a "brown face and a Pakistani accent".

There was also time to talk about Donald Trump, with Galloway suggesting the bellicose American President-elect should put down his phone and stop sending such outrageous tweets.

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