George Galloway mocks Sarah Olney for 'running away' from Julia Hartley-Brewer interview

Saturday, December 3, 2016

George Galloway has mocked Sarah Olney for her disastrous interview with talkRADIO, suggesting the newly elected Richmond Park MP wasn't capable of standing up to Julia Hartley-Brewer.

The interview, which made national headlines, lasted just three minutes before Olney was dragged off air by her press officer, who claimed she had another interview to go to.

Galloway accused Olney of being a "complete greenhorn" who had "such limited political ability that at the first whiff of Thatchorian grapeshot from Julia Hartley-Brewer on the radio this morning, she turned and ran - or rather was dragged by her public relations minders, who knew she was unable to stand up to Julia Hartley-Brewer's questioning."

Galloway continued by suggesting that Julia's questions were perfectly reasonable and said that when he himself won by-elections in the past, he faced far tougher interrogations the morning after, having had no sleep at all, and never ran away.

Listen to the full interview above