George Galloway on the monarchy: 'They should all go off and marry American divorcees'

'They can go off and marry American divorcees' - George Galloway shares view of the monarchy's future in Paul Ross interview

The future of the monarchy is being discussed after Prince Harry revealed no one wants the top role

Thursday, June 22, 2017

George Galloway shared his highly controversial views on the monarchy this morning, with a little help from James Whale. 

This follows the statement made by Prince Harry, who said there wasn't a single member of the Royal Family who wanted to be king or queen. 

Galloway, who hosts The Mother of All Talk Shows on talkRADIO, said the fact the monarch remains Britain's head of state was "unacceptable" in the 21st century. 

He told Paul Ross: "I’ve nothing against them personally, I’ve meet the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty twice.

"Upon the demise of their life, let’s please call a halt to this or at least a referendum as to whether we want Charles on the throne. 

"We have no choice in this matter, and that’s unacceptable for a modern democracy in the 21st century to have no say over a head of state. 

"If Harry is right and none of them want to do it, they can bring it to a natural end there."

Referencing Edward VIII's abdication in the 1930s, when he quit the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, Galloway said "they can all go off and marry American divorcees and that'll be the end of them."

The interview also received a surprise phone-in from fellow presenter James Whale, who told George and Paul his views on the matter. 

He disagreed with George, saying: "They can be controlled by our government, for goodness sake.

"I think we need someone like a royal family rather than a president, and I don’t want another referendum unless the Government will pay for it."

Listen above.