George Galloway rips into Donald Trump: 'He's lost control of his physical capabilities'

Donald Trump's very own 'watergate' moment sparked mockery and criticism

Donald Trump was seen holding a glass of water with two hands 'like a child'

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

George Galloway ripped into Donald Trump after the US President suffered his very own 'watergate' debacle.

Trump was seen holding a glass of water with two hands during a speech, with many suggesting it was like watching a child.

In the opening to his talkRADIO show, Galloway said this was his "picture of the week" and said this provided evidence that Trump is "in the grip, virtually certainly, of early onset Alzheimer's."

Galloway added that, while it is open to question whether Trump is corrupt, "the fact that he's an idiot is surely incontestable. An idiot no longer in full control of his physical, never mind his mental capabilities."

There was also time to talk about Brexit, which Galloway said had "reached new levels of tragedy or farce, depending on your point of view," and he even touched on the UFO revelations coming out of the USA.

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