George Galloway: Russia would be crazy not to want Donald Trump to win US election

It has been claimed that Russian hackers interfered in the US election on behalf of Donald Trump

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

George Galloway says it is only natural that Russia takes sides in the US election - in fact, they'd be "fools" not to.

Responding to a fan who tweeted that Russia was wrong to pick sides, Galloway said on his weekly show that Russia had to support the candidate who offered good relations - Donald Trump - over the candidate who was "running on a platform of war."

Our presenter also said that, after invading and interfering in so many countries in recent years, the US is "the last country on earth" to get offended about other countries meddling in its affairs.

It has been alleged that Russia hacked into Democratic party emails to help ensure Mr Trump beat Hillary Clinton in November's presidential elections. However Russia continues to deny this.

Galloway told his listeners that he had concrete proof that the leak in fact came from a Democratic source - however he declined to reveal his contact on the inside.

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