George Galloway says Jared O'Mara scandal is part of a wider 'problem with men'

George Galloway had plenty to say about Jared O'Mara

George Galloway said Jared O'Mara is just another in a long line of controversial politicians

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

George Galloway has suggested the scandal surrounding Jared O'Mara shows "there's a problem with men."

Our host, filling in for Sam Delaney on Drive, had plenty to say about the case, which has seen O'Mara lose the Labour whip after a series of unsavoury online comments came to light.

Galloway said O'Mara's comments were "utterly repugnant" and "had they been known, would surely have disqualified him for selection as a Labour candidate in the first place."

He also revealed that "I've never enjoyed male company very much" and has never used the word "bitch."

However Galloway feels the O'Mara case is laced with media hypocrisy, as politicians have been guilty of controversial behaviour since the beginning of time.

As examples, he cited the bisexual Roy Jenkins, who served as an MP for both Labour and the Lib Dems and helped found the SDP; the openly homosexual Tom Driberg, who served as an MP at a time homosexuality was still illegal; and Lloyd George, who led Britain during the First World War but was famous for his philandering.

Galloway said that, had social media been around when these MPs were active, they "wouldn't have lasted five minutes."

Our presenter added that, as unpalatable as O'Mara's words may be, they point to a wider problem - the idea that men, particularly powerful men, can get away with whatever they want.

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