George Galloway says Jermain Defoe must be Sports Personality of the Year after Bradley Lowery tribute

Defoe has earned widespread acclaim and admiration for his treatment of Bradley

Jermain Defoe is seen here with Bradley Lowery before a game last season

Monday, July 10, 2017

George Galloway has demanded that Jermain Defoe be named Sports Personality of the Year for his handling of Bradley Lowery's illness.

Bradley, the young Sunderland fan who captured the nation's hearts with his fight against neuroblastoma, died last week after battling the illness for four and a half years. Defoe, who formed a close relationship with the boy while playing for Sunderland, posted a touching message in the wake of Bradley's death, only a few days after breaking down while discussing Bradley during his first press conference with new club Bournemouth.

The Sports Personality awards are still five months away, but Galloway, speaking on his weekly talkRADIO show, said it's imperative that Defoe be honoured.

"Few people have captured the nation's hearts more in recent years than Bradley Lowery," Galloway said, before asking "can there ever have been a sportsman more noble, more gallant, more sincere and heartfelt, than Jermain Defoe in the way that he became the hero and champion of the little boy?

"If he [Defoe] is not Sports Personality of the Year, then I can't imagine who it would be."

Galloway continued by talking about Charlie Gard, the baby who remains terminally ill, saying "in 2017 the state does not have the right to kill people. It does not have the right to bring people's lives to an end."

Then, turning to international affairs, Galloway talked at length about Donald Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin - specifically Trump's apparent switch from blasting the Russian leader to praising him.

Galloway said the constant confrontation with Russia will only lead to "tears, fire, and blood," adding that "Donald Trump's promises for a more stable international situation have been dishonoured" by his wildly oscillating approach to Putin.

"There’s no room or need in 2017 for Cold War rhetoric and prejudice," Galloway continued. "Russia is another country; it’s not the head of an empire, not a challenge to the western way of life.

"Internally, Putin is as right-wing as you could imagine. There’s no reason for equally right-wing western politicians to confront him."

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