George Galloway says Labour would be crazy to choose Ed Balls for John Reed by-election

Our presenter had some harsh words for Jamie Reed on his talkRADIO show

Jamie Reed will be quickly forgotten, says George Galloway

Thursday, December 22, 2016

George Galloway has savaged Jamie Reed's "toxic" decision to quit the Labour party and says Ed Balls would be a disastrous choice to fight the Copeland by-election.

Reed quit as Labour MP for Copeland yesterday to take a job in the nuclear industry. Although he was one of Jamie Corbyn's highest-profile critics in the party, he insisted his decision to quit was motivated by a desire to spend more time with his family.

Galloway told his talkRADIO listeners that Reed must be the only man in history to quit Parliament for an even more toxic environment, and suggested the outgoing lawmaker "will not even be a footnote in the most dense and prolix of histories".

Turning to the man Labour will choose for the Copeland by-election in the new year, Galloway said that Balls - the man who has been widely tipped for the vacancy - would not go down well as he remains tarnished by the mistakes made under Gordon Brown, particularly the gold sell-off. 

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