George Galloway says people are trying to block his return to the Labour Party

George Galloway thanks those petitioning for him to be reinstated in Labour Party

George Galloway has thanked petitioners

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

George Galloway has thanked those who started a petition calling for him to be reinstated in the Labour Party - but said "somebody, somewhere" is trying to ensure this doesn't happen.

Two petitions had been created to campaign for the talkRADIO presenter's expulsion from the Labour Party to be overturned, however they have both disappeared..

Galloway said: "Both of them first, the first one and then the second one have been struck down and removed.

"I have no idea [who removed them], I don’t know who’s got the petitions up, I don’t know anything about the platforms on which they’re in. I’m not involved in it though I’m grateful to those who are."

"It seems that somebody, somewhere is determined that this petition not gather steam."

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