George Galloway: Sinn Fein needs to convince unionists they have nothing to fear

George Galloway: NI Assembly election result 'a major step towards Irish unity'

Our host called the election result 'a major step' towards Irish reunification

Monday, March 6, 2017

George Galloway has hailed the election results in Northern Ireland as "a major step towards Irish unity." 

In last week's elections, Sinn Fein came within one parliamentary seat of the Democratic Unionist Party in Stormont. Now both parties are in negotiation to lead a new coalition government. 

Our host said this result was "a major step" towards Irish reunification because it presents a key opportunity for Sinn Fein.

He said: "It’s a major step forward because it indicates the die-hard attachment of the six-county statelet to remaining part of the United Kingdom has weakened, and weakened perhaps decisively.

"But only if Sinn Fein learns the lesson of the last decades, which is this: the unionist population, particularly the youngest people, have to be reassured there is something in Irish reunification for them and absolutely nothing to fear from that on their part.

"That is to say that Sinn Fein – which now is absolutely hegemonic in the nationalist community – must begin to make inroads towards the younger generation of the unionist community. The European Union, paradoxically as I’m against it and all of its work, might be key to this.

"Those sections of the unionist population have now a choice to make – do they leave the EU with their unionist elders or stay in the EU in a reunified Ireland?

"Stakes are high."