George Galloway: 'The situation in Venezuela has nothing to do with us'

George Galloway: 'The situation in Venezuela has nothing to do with us'

George Galloway says previously journalists wouldn't have recognised Maduro

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The situation in Venezuela has got nothing to do with us and we'll gain nothing if the government falls, according to George Galloway.

Anti-government protestors have clashed with Venezuelan security forces resulting in several deaths. President Nicolas Maduro has been widely criticised for the events and the story has been widely reported on in British media.

Galloway said: "Why do we insist on following the American tune everywhere, dancing to whatever tune from whatever President emanates from Washington?

"Why are our journalists so besotted with the United States that like Pavlov’s dogs they go off running at the drop of a hat?

"Just four days ago, five days ago, en masse the entire British media class went off on a charge looking for Maduro. A man they wouldn’t even have recognised if his picture had been on the television just a few days before it. In a country they wouldn't know where to place on a map and which has nothing whatsoever to do with us."

He believes: "If the government in Venezuela falls into the hands of the oligarchs who used to run the place it will be the United States of America that rolls around in the newly liberated black stuff, we won’t get a sniff of it, just like we [haven't] got a sniff of what came out of Iraq."

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