George Galloway: The SNP have ruled Scotland for too long - one-party states are a bad idea

Galloway believes the SNP have been in power too long

It's time for a serious challenge to Nicola Sturgeon (right) and her Scottish National Party, says George Galloway

Thursday, January 5, 2017

George Galloway said it's time for a change in Scotland as the rule of the Scottish National Party has gone on too long.

Our presenter said one-party states aren't good for anyone but that's what Scotland has become, given the long-established hegemony of the SNP.

However Galloway, a proud Scot, said Labour's chances of wresting power from the SNP north of the border are currently remote as, in Kezia Dugdale, "they've got a leader who is a political dwarf and who can hardly string a sentence together."