George Galloway: 'The SNP isn't brave enough to fight a second independence referendum'

George Galloway: 'The Scottish National Party don't have the courage for a second independence referendum'

George Galloway said the SNP has 'overstated' the country's love for the EU

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

George Galloway has said the Scottish National Party doesnt have "the courage" to tale on a second independence referendum

According to our presenter, this is because they know they've "greatly overstated" the desire of the Scottish people to stay within the European Union.

Speaking to a caller on his show, George claimed the terms required to join the EU would not curry favour with the population north of the border - and deep down the SNP know it..

He said: “I’m sure [the SNP are] perfectly aware that they have greatly overstated the love of the Scottish people for the EU.

"If it comes to a choice in a referendum, where the Scots are asked to stay in Britain or leave and join the EU, adopt the Euro, wipe out public services to meet convergence criterion and accept the free movement of labour that can’t get into England and Wales... to accept it all in Scotland, I think they’ll all get a big raspberry from the people.

"This is why I don’t think they have the courage to have a second referendum."