George Galloway suggests Damian Green is too thick to be an MP - and Jeremy Corbyn will soon be in power

Damian Green was forced to step down after pornography revelations

Damian Green, Theresa May's unofficial No.2 in the Cabinet, has been forced to resign

Thursday, December 21, 2017

George Galloway tore into Damian Green in the opening to his talkRADIO show, while suggesting the carnage in Melbourne could bring a terrible reaction against Muslims.

Galloway compared Green's forced resignation from the Cabinet, following revelations that he downloaded pornography at work, with the Profumo affair of 1963 which saw War Minister John Profumo resign after becoming entangled in a love triangle with a dancer and a Russian spy.

Our presenter said that "at least [the Profumo] affair had a bit of class," adding that Green's impropriety was smutty and demeaning by comparison.

Galloway continued by suggesting it's not about sex or viewing pornography, "it's about the maniacal stupidity of doing it at work and not just any work. And not just any work.

"Doing it in the Mother of Parliaments, doing it under the shadow of Big Ben, doing it in Parliament when Parliament is sitting and when you are being paid a lot of money, plus expenses, to be carrying out your duties as a member of Parliament.

"It's the idea that someone so stupid as to use a Parliamentary computer, Parliamentary computer, linked to all the other Parliamentary computers, overseen by the IT management in Parliament and almost certainly overseen by the British security services, that you would spend hours downloading and watching, in between sending emails... means he's too stupid to be a member of Parliament.

"This man is an idiot and Theresa May put him, if you'll pardon the phrase, as her right-hand man.

"If this doesn't paint a picture for you of a government disintegrating before our eyes, at a time of national peril, I don't know what I'd have to do to sketch it out more boldly for you.

"These events are coming thick and fast. These events show this government is staggering towards 2018 like a legless, drunken sailor."

If things continue as they are, Galloway said, "There may have to be a general election and if there is a general election, a figure of moral rectitude, Jeremy Corbyn, will be stepping forward on the steps of Downing Street."

'Not a harbinger of a happy new year'

Turning to the Melbourne incident, which left 19 people injured after a van mounted the pavement, Galloway said: "Like so many of these incidents, [the perpetrator] turns out to be drug user, a criminal, familiar in the criminal justice system, with no religious background whatsoever."

However he suggested this will only increase the pressure on the Muslim community, and it is "certainly not a harbinger of a happy new year for them."

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