George Galloway tears into tweeter who says Brexit might bring more austerity

Galloway believes Brexit will reduce austerity, not increase it

George Galloway gave the hairdryer treatment to a follower who tweeted his talkRADIO show

Monday, January 9, 2017

George Galloway reacted furiously to an anonymous tweet on his weekly show, suggesting the sender had no idea about the true nature of austerity in the European Union.

The tweeter claimed that the EU has shielded Britain from much of the fallout from the banking crisis, and that Brussels had protected us from austerity.

Galloway said "we have been shivering throughout the last eight years, nine years now, in the austerity agenda." Getting increasingly angry, he continued by saying that "the austerity agenda is even more devastating in the rest of the European Union."

To back up his argument, Galloway cited figures showing that 50% of young people in Spain and Portugal are unemployed, while 50% of children in Greece are malnourished.

Our presenter urged the tweeter to "ave some confidence in yourself, have some confidence in the British people," and said Britain can build a fairer society after Brexit.

Listen to George's comments above.