George Galloway tells Donald Trump: 'If you don't want refugees, stop bombing people'

George Galloway on Trump travel ban: 'If you don't want refugees, stop bombing people'

Protests in Washington D.C. as Trump's ban on immigration came into effect

Thursday, February 2, 2017

George Galloway has given Donald Trump some typically forthright advice on how to stop the flow of refugees as his executive order continues. 

Last week, the president imposed a ban on immigration for all refugees from Syria, and travel restrictions on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries. It was a move that prompted global uproar and outrage. 

While covering the drivetime show, George took a call from a woman called Denise, who felt that immigration had to be restricted. So he advised her - and by extension Donald Trump - on how the flow of refugees could be curbed. 

He said: "Every country has the right to decide who can immigrate into their country, but every country has a legal and moral responsibility to take refugees.

"That obligation becomes more onerous if you are one of the countries that are bombing and making war in places that are causing the refugees to flee. 

"You may be right about Trump’s right to limit immigration, he doesn’t have the right to shut the door on refugees – not if he wants to obey the law. 

"So if you don’t want refugees, what you need to do is stop bombing people and forcing them to take to the road as refugees."