George Galloway tells Labour MPs: 'If you don't like Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto, get out'

George Galloway calls for Labour MPs who still don't believe in the manifesto to leave the party

Many were surprised at how Jeremy Corbyn did in the election

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

George Galloway has called for those in the Labour Party who don't believe in its recent manifesto to leave.

Many were surprised at how well Labour did in the general election, as Labour had previously been floundering in the polls and Jeremy Corbyn had faced heavy criticism.

Galloway believes: "There were Labour MPs, who didn’t think and sincerely didn’t think, that putting a real Labour manifesto to the people and pursuing it with gusto, with imagination and efficiency could possibly win an election.

"Others, the Blairites, didn’t believe in those policies, don’t believe in them, and that’s a fundamental difference

"Now the first [group] mentioned know that you can win, you can go forward, dramatically forward, on a real Labour platform.

"Those who actually don’t believe in the things Labour put forward in the general election really should go elsewhere."

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