George Galloway: There's no merit at all in US-style private healthcare

Galloway spoke to former NHS chairman Roy Lilley on his talkRADIO show

George Galloway believes there's nothing inherently wrong with the NHS

Friday, December 23, 2016

George Galloway has said there's "no merit at all" in moving towards an American-style private healthcare system, suggesting the NHS would be fine if it was better-resourced.

Galloway also spoke to Roy Lilley, a former chairman of the NHS, who excoriated the Government's approach to healthcare.

Our presenter said Margaret Thatcher "began nibbling away" at the NHS during the 1980s, adding that these nibbles "had become big bites" under subsequent prime ministers.

Lilley added that the reforms introduced by former health secretary had been muddled and confusing, adding that "austerity economics" is killing the NHS rather than any inherent failing in the system.

Listen above to hear the interview, and George's comments

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