George Galloway: 'Tony Blair did more damage to the country than even Margaret Thatcher'

George Galloway: 'Tony Blair did more damage to the country than even Margaret Thatcher'

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Monday, July 17, 2017

George Galloway has claimed that Tony Blair has done more damage to the UK than any other Prime Minster and his work means we are now all unsafe.

Standing in for Julia Hartley-Brewer on our mid-morning showm Galloway said: "Tony Blair has done more damage to our country than any Prime Minister in history and in that I include Mrs [Margaret] Thatcher, who you already know is not my favourite person."

Blair has spoken out about Brexit in recent days, saying there may be a way for the UK to stay in the EU if the bloc were to compromise on freedom of movement.

But Galloway said he cannot and will not accept "that a man responsible for the killing of a million people and rising, the man who is one of two parents of Isis, a man who lost millions of Labour votes and lost half of Labour’s membership, is in a position to lecture the rest of us about the right way forward for our country.

"Blair just can’t stay away. The smell of the crowd, the roar of the grease paint... it’s just irresistible to him.

"You could tell he was serious because his face etched with calamity and all the death and destruction that he has overseen not just in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in the occupied Palestinian territories."

Galloway thinks "no-one in the world is now safe as a result of what he did. The blood that is now washing around the streets of virtually the entire globe I place at his door and that’s a very serious indictment

"It’s not that I’m not happy that Blair is in Europe I wish he was at the very heart of Europe. I wish he was in the dock at The Hague."

Galloway has consistently accused Blair of misleading the public over the Iraq invasion of 2003 and leading Britain into an unnecessary and ruinous war. Blair maintains that he never deliberately misled the British public, although concedes some of the information gathered by his intelligence team was flawed.

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