George Galloway: Tony Blair's 'crimes aren't ancient history - they're still happening'

George Galloway: Tony Blair's 'crimes aren't ancient history because they're still happening'

Our host spoke to a caller about the former Prime Minister

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

George Galloway has claimed the alleged crimes of Tony Blair cannot be dismissed as "ancient history" - because they're still playing a part in the present.

In speaking to a caller on The Mother of All Talk Shows, the conversation turned towards the former Prime Minister. 

Our host, who has released a documentary entitled The Killings of Tony Blair, said the former Labour leader's decisions are impacting us even now.

He said: "It’s not just because Tony Blair and his men, including Jack Straw, invaded Iraq and killed a million people and begat ISIS and sent extremist fanaticism cascading around the world.

"It’s not just because they lied to the British people to obtain the power and authority to do so. It’s certainly not because Blair sent me into political exile by expelling me from the Labour Party.

"It’s not just because of any of these things, it’s because what they did is still in play.

“It’s not ancient history, it’s still happening."