George Galloway: Wealthy Southern Rail passengers are turning to Jeremy Corbyn to solve current crisis

A Southern Rail train is seen in Battersea, London

Southern Rail has been blighted by a spate of delays and cancellations this year, bringing misery to thousands of commuters in London and the south-east

Monday, December 12, 2016

George Galloway says the Southern Rail crisis is so bad that even the wealthiest commuters who use the network are coming round to Jeremy Corbyn's stance on nationalising the British rail network.

Further chaos is expected this week with Southern announcing three fresh days of strike action - prolonging the spate of delays and cancellations which have blighted the line this year.

Galloway said that he personally travelled by train this week on a visit up north and it was a highly pleasant experience., However he was travelling first-class and he believes the daily experience of Southern Rail passengers is a different world entirely.

Our presenter described Southern as the "worst railway franchise in the country - or ever given in history" and demanded a review of the "hodge-podge" system in which Britain's rail track remains in public ownership while a series of "privateers" run services on it.

Galloway then spoke to Bruce Williamson, of campaign group Railfuture. During the conversation Galloway said he has met "some gin n' jag golf club bores on Southern Rail who are nevertheless fully converted to Jeremy Corbyn's idea of renationalisation," because of the current problems.

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