George Galloway: Why are none of these jihadists going to defend Muslims in Myanmar?

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been displaced in Myanmar

The Muslim community face continued oppression and persecution in Myanmar

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

George Galloway asked his talkRADIO listeners why Muslims who are prepared to commit atrocities for their religion aren't flocking to Myanmar to defend the Muslim population.

Our presenter asked the question while speaking to a caller, whom he accused of spouting "sectarian nonsense" about Syria.

Galloway said Muslim countries must start thinking in terms of their sect, rather than their sect, and put their petty feuding to one side.

He continued: "where are all these jihadis whilst Burma burns? Where are all these so-called mujihadeen while the Rohingya are being slaughtered?

"Is there a single waiter in a Bengali restaurant in Cardiff or in a shop in Brussels headed for Burma to defend the Rohingya Muslims? No there is not.

"They prefer it going to Syria and murdering other Muslims because they don't like the way that they pray.

"It's pitiful actually. It's absolutely, utterly pitiful. But it's music to the ears of those who wish to divide us."