George Osborne to edit Evening Standard: Six other journalism jobs - and the MPs who could fill them

Friday, March 17, 2017

George Osborne became the new editor of the London Evening Standard today, in addition to his duties as MP for Tatton. 

So now the question is this: which MPs could follow his lead and become editors for major publications? 

More importantly, which ones should they edit?

Well, look no further. We have all of the suggestions here. 

Let's start with the first one. 

1. Phillip Hammond - Financial Times

The Chancellor's very good at budgeting. He knows his stuff, and he looks like an account. Who better to edit the FT?

Ok, he managed to break a key party election pledge and leave millions of people furious with his first major policy decision, but, as several Tories have said this week, we all make mistakes.

And he'll (possibly) be out of a job soon, so he'll have plenty of time on his hands.

What the hell, right?

2. Boris Johnson - Rugby World 

Boris Johnson is a man of many talents. He's got the windswept look down with his long, lucious blond hair. He can climb and get stuck on a zipwire. 

But rugby's where his real talent lies. He's very good at tackling people. Unfortunately he sometimes uses his talents in the wrong way, a fact this child can vouch for after being on the wrong end of one of BoJo's reducers.

His rugby skills are so deeply engrained, so intuitive, that he employs them when playing other sports. While playing football, for example, he thinks nothing of putting in a classic rugby smash (as this unfortunate German knows all too well).

As foreign secretary, Boris has shown all the demure subtlety of a bull-necked prop forward. So perhaps it's time he ditched politics and took up the oval game full time.

3. Jeremy Corbyn - The Beard Mag

There are some people who criticise Jeremy Corbyn. Some people think he can't put a foot right, but he does know how to do one thing: the maintainance of a perfectly coiffed beard. 

No matter what you think about his approach to Prime Minister's Questions, his views on Hamas and the IRA, or his apparent inability to unite his party, you have to admit he's got the classic beardy geography teacher look nailed.

And besides, who would want to be the leader of the Labour Party when The Beard Mag is just calling out?

4. Nicola Sturgeon - fishing world

Yes. We went there. We think Nicola Sturgeon should be editor of Fishing World because, well, her last name happens to be the same as that of a rather large fish. 

This joke has nothing to do with Ms Sturgeon's appearance (admittedly we were scrabbling round looking for magazines that somehow involved Jimmy Crankie, but we fell short on that one).

5. Nigel Farage - Beer magazine

Nigel Farage likes beer. End of joke.

6. Michael Gove - NME:

Someone came up with this on Twitter earlier. Basically they said that Gove is the NME of everyone - gettit? 

Ok, yeah, we're scraping the detritus at the bottom of the barrel here, but it's Friday, so cut us some slack. We thought that was pretty darn funny.