George Osborne quits as MP to focus on London Evening Standard

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

George Osborne has quit as MP for Tatton, saying he is leaving Westminster "for now."

The former Chancellor, who has served the Cheshire constituency since 2001, did announce he will remain as editor of the London Evening Standard and promised to keep "fighting for the Britain I love."

He also told his constituents in Tatton that he was thrilled to be taking on the challenge of "a great newspaper."

Osborne was announced as the new editor of the Standard a few weeks ago in an appointment which divided opinion, with critics suggesting he couldn't maintain his role at Westminster while holding a full-time role in the media.

The Oxford University graduate was appointed chancellor by David Cameron following his election victory of 2010, but was removed by Theresa May when she took over from Cameron last year.

Osborne was often criticised during his six years at 11 Downing Street, with detractors suggesting he stuck too firmly to the path of austerity and turned the post-2008 economic downturn into a political crusade towards a smaller state. 

However supporters suggested his tight fiscal policy was necessary following years of Labour profligacy, and claimed his approach was crucial to righting the British economy.