Gerard Batten: We have to make UKIP a 'credible electoral threat'


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

UKIP leader Gerard Batten has claimed the only way to ensure Brexit happens is for his party to become a "credible electoral threat".

The politician appeared on the breakfast show in the wake of Labour's announcement that it would back a second referendum.

However, Batten said a boycott of the referendum - if it were to occur - would not be enough to ensure Britain's exit from the EU.



"If you boycotted at the referendum the only thing that would happen would be that they would say, well, the people that didn't vote couldn't be bothered to vote, and they would hope to get a remain vote in that referendum," he said.

"What I've got to do is make UKIP a credible electoral threat again because the only reason we got it is because UKIP was taking votes away from the political establishment from both sides."

He added: "The only way anything is going to change in this country is if UKIP starts to take votes away in significant numbers from the Tories and Labour."



Gerard Batten. Image: Getty

The politician said that leaving with |Theresa May's Brexit deal as it stands was "not really leaving at all".

"The government was supposed to get on with the job of getting us out, and two years later we're not really much closer to it than we were," he said.

"I think this is a betrayal that has been engineered from the day after the referendum."