German far-right politician Bjorn Hocke blasted for saying country should forget the Holocaust

Alternative for Germany party leader blasts Björn Höcke for Holocaust 'monument of shame' comments

Frauke Petry has lambasted comments made by one of her members about the Holocaust

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The leader of Germany's biggest far-right party has admonished one of her own politicians for saying the country should stop trying to atone for the Holocaust.

Frauke Petry, leader of the Alternative for Germany party, was moved to criticise Bjorn Hocke, who is seen as the populist figurehead of the islamophobic, eurosceptic party.

Hocke labeled the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - a tribute located near the German Parliament in Berlin to the six million Jewish people killed by the Nazis - a "monument of shame." 

He added: "We Germans are the only people in the world to plant a monument of shame in the heart of our capital.

"Our mental state continues to be that of a totally defeated people. This can't and must not continue."

Petry - who has tolerated Hocke for as long as she's held the position and has commented on his controversial nature before - didn't hold back. 

She said: "What I said a year ago has been confirmed."

"Bjorn Hocke has become a burden on the party with his constant controversy."