German food bank vandalised with 'Nazi' graffiti following ban on new migrants

German food bank vandalised with 'Nazi' graffiti following ban on new migrants

Police are searching for the vandal

Monday, February 26, 2018

A food bank charity which no longer accepting new migrants had the words "Nazis" and "FCK NZI" spray-painted on to its vans and building door.

Police in Germany said they are still searching for the perpetrator who did this at the weekend, according to Channel News Asia.

The leader of the Essener Tafel charity said the graffiti isn't going to be cleaned straight away as "everyone should see this."

Last week the organisation said it would start asking for German identity documents for anyone new coming to Essener Tafel as it claimed an increase in migrant numbers was putting pressure on help for local people.

Leader Joerg Sartor also said older people and single parents are fearful of the aggressive atmosphere created by the amount of migrants visiting the charity. 

The 61-year-old claimed many didn't know how to queue for food and suggested some immigrants have a "give-me gene."

Sartor has said he is considering stepping down from his position due to controversy surrounding the charity, newspaper Bild Daily reported.

There are more than 900 food banks in the country, but none of them said they would copy the new rules implemented by Essener Tafel, although they did reiterate they would serve people regardless of their background.

The far-right AfD party has announced its support for the charity and claimed it was "not founded to deal with the chaos" created by Angela Merkel's policies on refugees “but to meet the demand that was already there."

It is using social media to defend the charity and has titled its campaign: "If you fight back, you're a Nazi."