German Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, author of 'The Hitler We Loved,' dead at 78

Ernst Zundel was one of the world's most high-profile Holocaust deniers

Ernst Zundel is seen during his trial in Germany, which resulted in his imprisonment in 2007

Monday, August 7, 2017

Ernst Zundel, the German author and Holocaust denier whose published works include 'The Hitler we Loved', has died aged 78.

Zundel died in the house where he was born, in Germany's Black Forest, his wife Ingrid confirmed.

In an email, Zundel's wife wrote that her husband most likely died of a heart attack, saying it came as a complete surprise as he had been "optimistic and upbeat as ever" when she last spoke to him just hours earlier.

Zundel had previously lived in the United States and Canada, but was deported from both countries before serving three years in a German prison for his views on the Holocaust.

Zundel was forced to leave Canada in 2005 after a judge found that his views were a threat to "the international community of nations." He was convicted in Germany in 2007 on 14 counts of anti-semitic hatred.

As well as contributing to a website dedicated to Holocaust denial, Zundel was the author of several books and pamphlets. As his fame grew he gathered a coterie of followers in Toronto, who wore hard yellow hats to accompany him to speeches and rallies.

Having come to prominence in the 1980s, he became an internationally reviled figure for his far-right views and his house was even firebombed for his opponents, The Toronto Sun reports.