German men 'claiming to be fathers of refugee children in exchange for money'

'German men claim to be fathers of refugee children in exchange for money'

Many pregnant women are paying German men, prosecutors say (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Prosecutors in Berlin are claiming that men are falsely claiming to be the fathers of refugee babies.

This allows the pregnant women to stay in Germany and prosecutors believe men are doing this in exchange for money, according to The Local.

In the country, it is possible for men to legally claim they are the father of a child, even if they are not biologically related.

If German men claim fatherhood whilst the women are pregnant, the child has an automatic right to German citizenship and the mother is entitled to stay in the country.

Prosecutor Martin Steltner said: “We are talking about a large number of cases which we come across every month. In some cases we have people who have claimed fatherhood for over ten babies.”

German broadcaster RBB claims that over the last few months, up to 700 fake fatherhood recognitions have been sold to female refugees.

It usually costs the women several thousand euros to pay for the father, yet the men usually don't provide any payments for the child's care, and welfare payments are instead made by the state.

However, no laws are being broken in this practice so there is little prosecutors can do.

Laws are now set to be changed to help stop this from happening.