German nurse jailed for life for murdering 85 patients

Niels Hoegel will spend life in prison for murdering patients under his care

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A former nurse who put patients into cardiac arrest because he liked to try and resuscitate them has been convicted of 85 counts of murder in north-western Germany.

Judge Sebastian Buehrmann sentenced Niels Hoegel to life in prison after noting the “particular seriousness of the crimes”.

Hoegel apologised for his actions, and said he had caused pain and suffering to the victims and their families with his “terrible deeds”.

"To each and every one of you I sincerely apologise for all that I have done.”

He added: "Now I sit here fully convinced that I want to give every relative an answer.”

The killings took place while the 42-year-old was working at two hospitals from 2000 to 2005.

Hoegel’s victims ranged in age from 34 to 96.

He was charged with 100 counts of murder – it was not clear why he was only convicted for 85.

He is believed to be the worst serial killer in modern German history.

Cristian Marbach’s grandfather was among the victims, and said he doubted Hoegel’s sincerity.

"Hoegel is and remains a liar," he said.

"He tactically only admitted what could already 100 per cent be proven against him."

During the seven month trial Hoegel confessed to 43 of the killings, disputed five, and said he could not remember the other 52.

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