German soldier registered as Syrian refugee 'to plot terror attack'

German soldier who registered as Syrian refugee 'proves the system is failing'

A soldier registered as an asylum seeker (Stock image)

Friday, May 5, 2017

A German soldier registered as a Syrian refugee to plot a terror attack, according to officials in the country.

Army lieutenant Franco Albrecht posed as a Damascus fruit seller in order to gain asylum, despite being in his home country, according to The Local.

Investigations found he was receiving €409 (£345) a month and was given space in a shelter, despite the fact that he couldn't speak Arabic.

Officials believe Albrecht was plotting an attack which would be blamed on refugees and he had extremist views.

Critics of the system in Germany have previously warned that many officials working to help asylum seekers are under-qualified and this could lead to refugees being harmed.

In 2015, high numbers of migrants meant the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees had to recruit more staff, meaning the task of interviewing asylum seekers fell to accountants, geography experts and army soldiers.

Training was also shortened from 14 weeks to 10 days. A Munich-based lawyer specialising in asylum cases said "increasingly often, people decided on the applications even though they knew nothing".