German terror attacks: 'People have no idea how to react' - Journalist explains impact of ongoing fear

'They have no idea how to react' - Journalist explains impact of terrorist attacks on the German people

Police stand guard in Ansbach following Sunday evening's bombing

Monday, July 25, 2016

German journalist Felix Tamsut has told talkRADIO that the recent spate of high-profile attacks in the country has left people "shocked and afraid", and that the Chancellor's famed 'welcoming culture' could be coming to an end. 

Angela Merkel last year coined the term willkommenskultur [welcoming culture] to define her country's acceptance of mass immigration of refugees, mainly from war-torn Syria.  

Sunday's suicide bombing by a failed asylum seeker from Syria outside a music festival in the southern German town of Ansbach, which injured 12 people, followed hot on the heels of an attack earlier in the day which saw a pregnant woman hacked to death with a machete in Reutlingen. 

Last Friday, German-Iranian gunman Ali David Sonboly, 18, killed nine during a shooting spree at a Munich shopping centre, while only a week has passed since a 17-year-old Afghan refugee was shot dead by police near the town of Wurzburg after attacking train passengers with an axe.  

Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned that "attacks in public places could be indiscriminate" in Germany, and Deutsche Welle journalist Tamsut told Julia Hartley-Brewer how fear and uncertainty is gripping the country.

"Many Germans are shocked," he said. "They have no idea how to react. 

"There hasn't been enough time to react properly, but there's mostly shock, and in some places, fear.

"The German people's willkommenskultur still applies, but it feels from social media like the tide might be about to change."

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