German town baffled by raw meat dumped at train station by 'mincemeat phantom'

German town baffled by raw meat dumped at train station by 'mincemeat phantom'

Mincemeat is often left at the station on a Monday

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Locals in the town of Berghausen in Germany have been baffled for several weeks by the mysterious appearance of raw mincemeat at their train station.

A pile of the meat is often seen dumped on the train tracks and reports claim this usually takes place on a Monday, but no one seems to know why.

It's also not clear who is dumping the meat at the train station, which is even replaced when the old pile is removed, according to the Irish Times.

A spokesperson for AVG, which owns the land around the station, has said: “We’re completely mystified."

Police also don't know why the meat is being dumped there but, perhaps not unsurprisingly, have not conducted an investigation as a police spokesperson said "there is no case here."

It is not thought that the meat has been poisoned in order to kill animals that may eat it and the amount left at the station is not enough to constitute illegal dumping.

The meat has not been tested for poison or shards of glass, as there is often not much left by the time officers hear about the dumping.

Locals have now set up a Facebook group to discuss the “mincemeat phantom.” Some have called for officers to hide out at the station and catch the meat dumper red-handed and others have suggested analysing the amount of mincemeat brought at butchers.