Germany moves Isis surveillance jets from Turkey to Jordan due to 'Armenian Genocide' dispute

Germany moves Isis surveillance jets from Turkey to Jordan over dispute

Germany has moved its surveillance jets (Stock image)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Germany has moved four jets used in the surveillance of Isis from Turkey to Jordan due to a dispute between the two countries.

The planes, which are used to photograph potential Isis targets, have been moved after Turkish ministers informed their German counterparts that they couldn't visit members of the German Army who were positioned at a Nato base near the border with Syria.

The dispute is thought to be rooted in the German Parliament's declaration that the massacre of thousands of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire - the old eastern realm controlled by Turkey - during the First World War amounted to genocide. This declaration angered Turkey, even though 20 other countries made the same claim.

A German defence official said that after a few days the planes will continue missions "for the coalition partners in the fight against the Islamic State," according to The Local.

Germany has also reduced the amount of Isis surveillance jets from six to four because it says the strength of the terror group has lessened.