Germany votes in favour of same-sex marriage

Germany votes in favour of same-sex marriage

German MPS have voted in favour of same-sex marriage

Friday, June 30, 2017

German MPs have voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, although Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against it.

This will allow full marital rights for couples and permits them to adopt children, according to the BBC.

The vote came after Merkel dropped her opposition to it on Monday (June 26).

While four abstained, 393 lawmakers voted for the bill and 226 voted against it.

Following the vote, the German leader said she still believed marriage is for men and women but added that she hopes there will be more "social cohesion and peace" now.

In 2013, Merkel said she had a "hard time" with the issue of gay marriage and argued against it, citing "children's welfare".

However, earlier this week she said she'd allow the vote at some point after noting other parties' support for same-sex marriage.

Mrs Merkel also said she had a "life-changing experience" when she went to a dinner with a lesbian couple who cared for eight foster children.