'Germany's Nazi past might make it difficult to beef up security after Berlin attack'

'The streets haven't emptied because of the Berlin truck attack', says journalist

A memorial near the market

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Berlin-based journalist has suggested the horrors witnessed under Adolf Hitler and the Nazis might make it difficult for the Government to ramp up security following the Berlin truck attack.

Deborah Cole told Sam Delaney that, while there is widespread anger towards Angela Merkel for her willingness to accept large numbers of migrants, calls for increased security will "meet with a lot of resistance... because of the mass abuses under dictatorships in the past.

“People are very very wary when it comes to infringement of their privacy, so you really have an issue of concern with any issue involved data protection or things like CCTV."

Cole also said many people are refusing to blame Germany's immigration policy for the attack, and are saying "'look, we had attacks throughout Europe even before last year.'"

Reports claim police are now looking for a Tunisian migrant after an ID card was found in the truck used in the attack, which killed 12 people and injured 48. However there may be more people involved.

Cole continued: “I think people were horrified, they were shocked, but you don’t see for example that the streets have emptied out, even the Christmas markets themselves were meant to reopen today."

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