The 'Ghost of Pikachu' Pokemon looks totally sinister - but has a cute backstory

The 'Ghost of Pikachu' Pokemon has its own theme tune, and a cute story behind it

New Pokemon have been announced

Monday, October 24, 2016

The new "Ghost of Pikachu" Pokemon has now got itself its own theme tune.

The Pokemon Company has recently announced that it will be adding new Pokemon characters, bringing the total near to 800.

The ghostly version of Pikachu is named Mimikyu, and, to be honest, it looks a bit sinister, like the sort of toy you might find lying on the floor of a horror movie set. 

But it turns out the creature is not actually a ghost at all - and the reason the company created it is rather cute.

The story of Mimikyu is that it felt jealous of all the attention going on to the most well known Pokemon, Pikachu, so created a costume to look like Pikachu (hence its name, 'mimic you' - geddit?)

The Pokemon is described on the official website, “People believe that anybody who sees its true form beneath the cloth will be stricken with a mysterious illness. Mimikyu’s health fails when it’s bathed in the rays of the sun, so it prefers to stick to dark places.”

The "Song of Mimikyu" even has a music video to accompany it, and shows gameplay footage from upcoming title Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Although the lyrics are in Japanese it features English subtitles.

Watch the video and hear the song below