Ghostbusters star quits Twitter: 'We're in 2016, we should be so far past this'

Twitter trolls: 'We're in 2016, we should be so far past this', says Carmel Glassbrook from UK Safer Internet Centre

Actress Leslie Jones was trolled on Twitter

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

As another celebrity shuts down their Twitter account following vile online abuse, an expert from the UK Safer Internet Centre has told talkRADIO listeners how they can help bring an end to online trolling. 

Ghostbusters star and comedian Leslie Jones has shut down her account on the social media platform after being targetted with a sustained string of racist and sexist Tweets.

"I don't know how to feel. I'm numb. Actually numb," the 48-year-old Tweeted before suspending her account and accusing the site of not doing enough to discourage the online abusers.  

Carmel Glassbrook, who works for the Professionals Online Safety Helpine, told Hardeep Singh Kohli that it is important that people report similar incidents and stop allowing the trolls to continue unchallenged. 

"We're in 2016, we should be so far past this, but I think there is something about the internet which gives people the confidence – they're hiding behind the computer screen, they're hiding behind their phone and they feel like they can say things they wouldn't usually say," she said. 

"If you report someone that report will go to the moderators at Facebook or Twitter, they will assess the person's account and the content you've reported."

Listen to the whole interview above for more tips on challenging online abuse