Girl invites Queen for tea to save her from 'nasty man' Trump

Iris called Donald Trump a 'nasty man'

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A schoolgirl in Northwich invited the Queen to have tea with her family instead of meeting with “nasty man” Donald Trump.

In a handwritten letter embellished with feathers, five-year-old Iris Jones asked the Queen if she would like to come to her house and dine, instead of hosting a Buckingham Palace banquet with the US president.

Iris’s mum Keri said her daughter took it upon herself to provide alternative dinner plans for the Queen.

“She had heard me talking about Trump’s visit and in her words, she didn’t want the nasty man taking the Queen, she wanted her to come and stay at ours instead.”

“Iris sent the letter about two weeks ago when she was off school.”

The five-year-old enclosed a drawing of Donald Trump in the letter

The family were “gobsmacked” to receive a reply from Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately the Queen had declined the dinner invitation.

The response, from a lady-in-waiting, read: "The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter, little drawings and invitation to come to your house for tea.

"Her Majesty was pleased to hear from you and, although unable to do as you ask, the Queen greatly appreciated your kind thought for her."

Keri said the letter was waiting for the family when they returned from a holiday.

The letter was embellished with a feather, plus a drawing of Iris with the Queen

“She was so excited to get the reply and I was gobsmacked.”

She added: “We thought it would be great writing practice and exciting for her to write a letter to the Queen but to get a reply was fantastic.”

Mrs Jones said Iris is glad to know the Palace received her invitation.

“At first she thought the Queen was going to be staying over at ours but it was still brilliant to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace.”

Donald Trump visited Buckingham Palace on the first day of his visit to Britain.

He will join the Queen at D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth today.

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