Glasgow bin lorry crash driver avoids jail but receives three-year ban for reckless driving

Glasgow bin lorry driver avoids jail but receives three year ban for reckless driving

Harry Clarke also crashed a bin lorry in 2014

Friday, March 31, 2017

The driver of a bin lorry which killed six people in Glasgow has now been banned from driving for three years, after he endangered the public by driving a car.

Harry Clarke admitted to driving a car in Glasgow in September 2015 and putting the public in danger, as his licence had already been revoked for medical reasons in light of the bin lorry crash, according to Sky News.

A neighbour claimed he saw Clarke driving a car out of a car park near his home and then return again with shopping bags, prompting them to call the police.

The neighbour was suspicious about Clarke because they had heard about the bin lorry incident in the media, and found online that his licence had been revoked.

However, the court heard that Clarke told police: "I have never been out on a public road, I've just moved the car in the private car park."

The driver has avoided jail but been told to carry out 150 hours' unpaid work and has been given a 12-month supervision order.

The incident took place just nine months after he had lost control of a bin lorry in Glasgow city centre, killing six people and injuring several others.

In December 2014 he admitted to driving whilst knowing he had lost consciousness at the wheel of a bin lorry.

His licence was revoked in June 2015 for 12 months, but he was not prosecuted over the bin lorry incident as there was insufficient evidence.