Glasgow driver caught with sofa and armchairs piled on roof

Glasgow police have referred the driver to prosecutors

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Police in Scotland have shared an image of a driver caught travelling along a city road with an entire lounge suite tied to the roof.

The furniture was wedged above and below the open car boot and secured with just a few straps as the vehicle drove through Glasgow.

Police said the driver was given suitable advice “for the transport of couches in the future”.

The 49-year-old was reported to prosecutors in connection with the load and other alleged driving offences.

Twitter users were quick to suggest the vehicle should be classed as a minbus due to the extra seats, and questioned why the driver did not use a moving van to transport the furniture.

It is not the only incident this year of a driver taking on more than they could carry. In August a driver who balanced a second car on top of his own was fined £195 and given three points on his licence.

Motorist Glyndwr Wyn Richards said it was a “stupid thing to do” but he believed there was no risk the upper car would fall.

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