GMB union calls for a public vote on the Brexit deal

GMB union calls for a public vote on the Brexit deal

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

One of the UK’s largest trade unions has called for a public vote on the final Brexit deal, because it says promises made during the EU referendum campaign are “not the reality we are facing”.

The GMB said it had consulted thousands of members and there was widespread support for a vote on the final outcome of negotiations.

The union, which has 620,000 members, supported remaining in the EU during the referendum.

General secretary Tim Roache said in a message to members: "Sitting on the sidelines watching the mess this Government is making of Brexit is infuriating, because there is so much at stake.

"GMB respects the result of the referendum, but how we leave the EU is as important as the decision to leave in the first place. That's why today, GMB is calling for a public vote on the final deal.

"As trade unionists, when we negotiate a pay deal with an employer, we go back to our members and ask them if they're happy with it. Whether they want to accept or reject it.

"That's what people deserve now, because the promises that were made during the referendum campaign are simply not the reality we are facing."


‘They did not vote for economic chaos’

Mr Roache said that the government was more preoccupied with “internal divisions” than working people’s livelihoods.

He added: "People voted for change - they voted to take back control. They did not vote for economic chaos or to put jobs and hard won rights on the line."

"The government need to know they have to come back and face the music - they can't sell working people down the river.

“That's why GMB supports your right to decide what sort of Brexit is the right Brexit."