'This is God's judgement for Donald Trump:' The weirdest theories for America's spate of hurricanes

Nibiru, weaponised weather, and climate change - the three big theories spawned by US weather disasters
'It's God's wrath for Trump'
'It's caused by the US Government'
'It's all a ruse to spread the climate change myth'
'It's a sign of the apocalypse'

The recent series of hurricanes and earthquakes in Mexico have birthed a series of strange theories

Monday, October 9, 2017

The United States and Mexico have been hit by major natural disasters in recent weeks - and, not altogether unsurprisingly, a number of bizarre theories have been put forward for this spate of meteorological phenomena.

Mexico has suffered two earthquakes - one in Chiapas and another near Mexico City - which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people. 

Meanwhile, America has weathered a number of major hurricanes - Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate - which have created widespread devastation and loss of life. 

From Donald Trump to the apocalypse, some truly weird explanations have been put forward. Take a look at them here,

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